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Blog 12.05.2022

BLOG: 14 Best Gifts for Glampers and Campers

If you’ve got an outdoor lover on your holiday list (even if it’s YOU) there are lots of gift-giving ideas out there that will have them dancing in the woods. Whether your outdoor adventurer is a camper, glamper, or RVer, they will appreciate any of these awesome gifts.


These gifts can all be found in outdoor stores, big box stores such as WalMart or Target, or on Amazon. Be sure to read to the end for the best glamping gift ever!


Dutch Oven

A camping essential. And so versatile – you can make an endless array of meals out of this little baby. If the one you’re buying for doesn’t have one, they will love you forever with this gift. A complement to any Dutch oven is a good liner, a lid lifter and storage bags – all made explicitly for Dutch ovens. Not to mention a Dutch oven recipe book!


Outdoor Speaker

Portable and waterproof, a good outdoor speaker would make a great addition to anyone’s camping trip packing list. You can find some really great ones that are compact, have a built-in flashlight, and come in various colors and styles.



The perfect way to share memories of any camping trip is to gather little mementos and put them all together in a cool scrapbook. This is where you as the gift giver can get really creative, as you’ll find all manner of different scrapbooks in craft stores and online, as well as a world of complementary accessories such as stickers, decals, extra pages, and more.


Dish Drying Mat

Whether dishes are dried in the comfort of a cabin, airstream, an RV, or outside a tent, every camper needs a place to set dishes to dry. Get them a camping-themed dish-drying mat. Several patterns are out there to suit any type of camper. Their dishes can dry in style while they are out exploring the outdoors.


Camp Dinnerware

Why stop at a dish drying mat? Get them a durable yet stylish dinnerware set that comes in their favorite color or print. Get a set made of ultra-durable Melamine, an unbreakable material that will last for years.


Cozy Blanket

Another camping essential! And another versatile gift that comes in a dizzying array of colors, prints, and fabrics. Your toughest job is to pick which one! This is where the unique aesthetic of your camper comes into play. Regardless, one that is warm enough to cuddle up in next to a crackling fire, as well as indoors, is ideal.



An excellent alternative to flashlights, lanterns nowadays come in modern styles with LED lights, solar-powered batteries, and removable panels. Some even come with USB chargers to power their devices.


Ice Maker

Ice on demand? “Yes, please,” says all campers everywhere! A handy ice maker offers the convenience of cold drinks on the go and comes in lots of different sizes and colors to suit your camper to a tee.


Sleeping Bag

This gift option can be more of a personal choice, and your camper likely already has one. But if you know they need a replacement or a spare, a sleeping bag with its own compression sack that is machine washable is ideal.


Wolf’Em Sticks

These sticks are a unique gift for glampers and campers who enjoy yummy treats around the campfire. They can be used for roasting marshmallows, meat, and veggies. With a comfortable easy-spin wooden handle, this product’s claim to fame is a wooden end where you can wrap biscuit dough around and roast it, creating a yummy biscuit cup to fill with your favorite goodies. You can find these on Amazon.



Big or small, plain or in vibrant color, plastic or heavy-duty metal with fasteners, coolers are yet another essential camping/glamping accessory. Fill it up with their favorite drinks and put a bow on it! An easy peasy gift to give.


Rocking Camp Chairs

Take their glamping/camping chairs up a notch and get them a rocking camp chair! These are great for any camping trip or even watching a game on the sidelines! And yes, they come with drink holders.


Multi-Use Tool

Don’t just get them a Swiss Army knife. Take it up a notch and get them a tricked-out multi-use tool with more than a dozen useful tools. Go all out and get them this one on Amazon that is shaped like a snowflake!


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Blog 12.05.2022