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Blog 09.07.2022

BLOG: 5 Tips for a Romantic Glamping Trip

What do you think of when you envision a romantic getaway? Exotic islands? A trip to Paris? A fancy meal in a restaurant in your hometown?


Those are all well and good, but have you thought about a glamping getaway? Nature, for all its beauty and solace, can be the ultimate venue for romance. Glamping can be just as charming, even more so, than a decadent hotel.


Glamping is an amazing way to immerse yourselves in the outdoors while still luxuriating. Simply put, it is the perfect romantic setting. But it’s important to get right the perfect mix of ambiance and budget. Bay Point Landing has some excellent glamping accommodations that will fit nicely into your budget.


Here is what to look for when planning a romantic glamping getaway.


Find the Right Vibe

From modern cabins to Airstream suites to RV campsites, we have what you need here at Bay Point Landing. Our cabins are perfectly situated for stunning views of the bay. Couple that with stylish décor and modern amenities, this is glamping at its very best, and is available all year round. For something a little more rustic but still, with all the amenities you require, our Airstreams have a unique style all their own.


If you already have an RV, our RV sites have all the necessary hookups to make your stay comfortable. Talk with your partner and find out which accommodation you both prefer. No matter what vibe you’re after, Bay Point Landing’s romantic setting can accommodate.


Pack Appropriately

A common misconception about glamping is that it’s akin to staying in a luxury hotel, loaded with creature comforts. Certainly, many glamping experiences do entail a certain level of luxury, but others are less so. Define what is right for you and your budget. With glamping, you’re still in the elements to some degree. No matter how insulated, warm, and cozy your stay may be, you are still out in nature. So you’ll want to pack accordingly. Leave the fancy dress behind and bring your hiking shoes, fishing poles, sunscreen, and other outdoor gear.


Prioritize Nature

It’s one of the biggest allures of glamping. You get your creature comforts while still exploring the great outdoors. The beauty of Oregon’s southern coast is packed full of charm. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more romantic setting. We know you want to be romantic and the desire to stay in and cuddle can be overwhelming. But this is the Oregon coast! Get out and explore!


BYO Romance

Staying in a nice cabin or Airstream means you are in fairly close quarters, so romance is easy to come by. No matter the abode, you’ve also got the Oregon coastline and all of the beauty and mystery that bestows. Yet, all glamping experiences are made better by a little personalization. Feel free to bring along flickering electric candles, oils, favorite blankets from home, comfort foods, romantic movies – whatever floats your boat! There’s no shortage of add-ons to take the romance up a notch.


Stock Up on Aphrodisiacs

Want to get really lavish with the romance? Our cabins have full kitchens and use of outdoor grills to make the most romantic of meals. Bring the wine and have at it! Imagine slurping fresh oysters fresh from our Pacific Northwest waters right outside your door. There are a number of fishmongers throughout the area. Now that’s an aphrodisiac! Pair that with chilled white wine, a couple of tasty side dishes, a magnificent view, and you have one heck of an evening. Finish with some ooey-gooey s’mores prepared over a crackling fire.


The perfect glamping getaway can make all the difference in attaining the ultimate romantic setting at Bay Point Landing.

Blog 09.07.2022