Blog, Local Attractions 08.11.2020

Blog: Great Surfing Near Bay Point Landing

While surfing might not be the first thing that comes to mind when visitors ponder outdoor recreation in Coos Bay, rest assured—there are some fabulous (if not a bit chilly) waves to be found surfing in Southern Oregon. 

For those just starting out in the world of wave-wrangling, there’s Bastendorff Beach, which boasts a beautiful, expansive sandy beach to spread out on and catch both rights and lefts or simply enjoy getting up in the whitewater. Spend the day with the cooler and family in tow while you get to know the salty waters on a big, friendly beginner board. 

Another cove over, you’ll find Lighthouse Beach, which is also an awesome spot for newbies to dip their toes in the water (and more). 

For the less novice, there’s Winchester Bay, known for its peeling rights, big waves, and a nice rip current to pull you back into the lineup—and hopefully not out to sea. 

Need to rent some gear? Check out Waxers, the go-to surf shop in Coos Bay, where you can buy or rent the wetsuit, booties, board, etc. needed for a day of frolicking (or maybe flailing) in the water. If you want a lesson, make sure to give the staff a couple days’ notice, particularly in the warmer summer months. 

A word of advice: always surf with a buddy, no matter where you decide to explore the salty seas! 

Blog, Local Attractions 08.11.2020