Blog 08.25.2020

Blog: Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Beach? Ocean? Forest? Mountains of million-year-old sand just waiting to be climbed up and ridden, walked, or boarded down? 

If you’ve never heard of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, now’s your chance to experience something truly special. As the largest coastal dunes area in North America with over 31,000 acres of designated recreation area to explore, the dunes never cease to amaze visitors with its diverse, haunting landscape and seemingly endless options for fun. 

We recommend renting an OHV (off-highway vehicle) to get the most up-close-and-personal experience; you can reserve ATVs or dune buggies from Sun Buggy , which is staged close to the dunes for easy access to trails that lead to the beach, dunes, and more. It can get hot and windy, cold and foggy or anywhere between; so pack plenty of layers and a picnic for the the best experience.

You can also discover the Oregon Dunes via mountain biking, hiking, and more—just make sure to find the right trail so you don’t get mixed up with any OHV-only routes. 

All in all, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area offers a mix of fun and adventure that anyone could enjoy.

Blog 08.25.2020