photo of cape arago state park
Blog 08.11.2020

Blog: Our Beautiful State Parks

Psst… here’s a secret. State Parks near Coos Bay are some of the most spectacular parks you’ll find in the entire state! 

It’s true. Whether you’re interested in scrambling up rugged cliffs, filling your day with hiking and swimming, or simply lounging around on a gorgeous sandy beach, state parks near Bay Point Landing have it all.

Just minutes down Cape Arago Highway from BPL, you’ll find four stunning parks to choose from—Yoakam Point State Park, Sunset Bay State Park, Shore Acres State Park, and Cape Arago State Park—not to mention Bastendorff Beach County Park, which is gorgeous in its own right. Each offers distinct views and vibes, all with the same rugged Oregon Coast feel. Along this stretch of road, you can easily spend a whole day exploring the various trails, walking along cliffs, beaches, rock formations, watching the sealife.

North towards Reedsport, you’ll find the William M. Tugman State Park, which offers camping and tucked-away lakeside views just a mile away from the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (which SEEMS like it should be a state park, but it’s not).

And if lighthouses are your thing, Umpqua Lighthouse State Park (also near Reedsport) and Bullards Beach State Park (south towards Bandon) offer those Instagram-worthy coastal lighthouse shots missing from your feed.

Cover Photo: Madeline Martinez

Blog 08.11.2020