Coos Bay and the Bay Point Landing RV Resort

As a prime Southwestern Oregon RV Park and Resort, Bay Point Landing highlights all the wonderful assets of Coos Bay, Oregon, the largest bay in the state. This S shaped bay where the Coos River enters the Pacific Ocean, is two miles wide and ten miles long.



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One of the noteworthy assets of the Bay is that it is home to a significant amount of shellfish, especially in the lower section of the bay. This means rich clamming and crabbing opportunities abound in a full saltwater environment.

In fact, the Bay Point Landing RV resort on the shore of Coos Bay, showcases crabbing as an activity. Guests can leisurely walk along shoreline looking for crabs to cook over a fire. Bay Point Landing also offers crab pots onsite for guests and allows direct walking access to the beach from the grounds.


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coos bay crab rv resort



Coos Bay, the City

This city of 15,000, boasts a fascinating history that included the Coos, Lower Umpqua, Siuslaw and Coquille tribes living in the area prior to the first European visitors arriving in the late 1500s.

Now, the city is divided into the Empire, Marshfield, Milner, and Eastside Districts teaming with thriving businesses, museums, and music and arts.

Coos Bay, Oregon Luxury RV Resort

Enrich your cabin and RV camping at Coos Bay, Oregon experience at Southwestern Oregon’s Bay Point Landing, Luxury RV Sites and Cabins Resort.

Nestled in Coos Bay along the wetlands of the southwestern Oregon border, Bay Point Landing offers a unique, contemporary, upscale camping experience. Enjoy easy access to recreational activities in and outside of the resort. Experience adventure, beachfront views, and warm hospitality!

Contact us about reservations, rates, amenities, events and any other questions we can help answer: 541.351.9160, email at, or visit Our address is 92443 Cape Arago Hwy, Coos Bay, Oregon.