Crabbing at Bay Point Landing RV Resort

One of the great things about being here in the Oregon is that it is a prime location for all sorts of water activities. Of those, one of the most enjoyable is crabbing at Bay Point Landing RV Resort. So, when you’re spending time here you probably ought to give some thought to spending time crabbing over at Coos Bay.

Coos Bay Crabbing


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Crabbing in Oregon is something that can be done year-round, and very rarely will you walk away empty-handed. You don’t need much gear, and that is available for rent at our resort. While boat crabbing increases your chances of a catch, you can also do it dockside.

You can find crab in every Oregon estuary, but Coos, Yaquina, and Tillamook are your best bet. We’re coming into the best season for crabbing, fall. September will show better crab that are more “filled-out.” They’ll have more meat. Low or peak high are your best times to catch crab. If you’re sticking to Coos Bay, you can crab all year round.


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Crabbing at Bay Point Landing RV Resort | Coos Bay Crabbing



The Regulations

If you want to collect shellfish, you’ll need to get yourself an Oregon Shellfish License. A shellfish license is going to run you $28 as a non-resident. That isn’t too bad, considering you’ll be having fun and you will be catching a meal or two.

You can get a three-day pass for $19, but the difference is slight and the regular one will give you more options. If you’re a uniformed service member the price will drop down to $10.

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