Blog 07.08.2020

OUTDOORSY: The 50 Best Luxury RV Parks in the US

Thank you to Outdoorsy for including us in their story about luxury RV parks.  Bay Point Landing is set on 103+ acres along the bay, and divided into two parts. To the north you will find beautiful modern cabins and luxury airstreams for nightly rentals.  To the south is our full hookup RV park with sites for all types of rigs, including pull-through, pull-in, and back-in. Both sides are joined by our Clubhouse complex, set along the beach and enjoyed by all guests.  Here’s a snippet from the story on Outdoorsy, click the link below to read more, thank you for including us!

“RVs come in practically every shape and size because RVers are not one-size-fits-all. Some of us like boondocking and consider ourselves camping minimalists. Minimalists like rigs that help us disconnect for days in places like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) free dispersed camping areas, and we bring only the necessities with us.

Some of us think an RV trip isn’t complete without full hookups and access to Wi-Fi, and we like to call ourselves glampers because why get dirty if we don’t have to? Those of us who are glampers bring what we’d use at home — and sometimes even more — with us in our motorhome.

No style of camping is wrong; it’s just different. That’s why RV parks and campgrounds with every level of amenity exist, to please the people who want nothing, or those of us who want it all. If you are a person who wants it all, then a luxury RV park might be perfect for you.”

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Blog 07.08.2020