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We love meeting all sorts of different people in the RV lifestyle. That’s the great thing about the Bay Point Landing Luxury RV Resort, you get to meet new people all the time as well as see some of the great people that have become familiar faces.

However, we’re also in a business so we need to keep track of how our own industry is doing. The good news is that it is doing quite well. What we’re seeing here on the ground is also what we’re seeing in the publications.

RV Lifestyle for the Millennials

One group that has suffered the slings and arrows of press and public disdain for the last decade and more is the generation known as Millennials. This group has been under fire for destroying restaurants, for killing off the movie industry, ending sitcoms, and slaying the Church.

That’s a lot of damage considering most of the time they’re being accused of doing all this, they’ve been twenty and under. Well, the good news is that now that Millennials are all over the age of 18, they’re falling into familiar spending patterns. One of those patterns is the amount of spending in the consumer discretionary category. Why is that interesting to us? Well, RVs fall into that category.

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The above category has seen an increase of 17% overall and RVs in particular have seen an increase of 17.2%. Winnebago, specifically, has had an 18% increase in sales. This is great news as the industry was reeling in the late 2000s as we hit a 30-year nadir.

Millennials finally have time and money enough to get out and enjoy what previous generations were already enjoying. So, don’t be surprised if many of the RV set seem to look a lot younger than stereotypes would indicate.


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