Blog 10.04.2022

BLOG: Tips for Glamping on a Budget

For those that love the outdoors but don’t quite want to “rough it,” glamping is the way to go. Whether this means camping in an RV, a fancy teepee tent, a cabin, a yurt, or a treehouse, glamping is becoming increasingly popular.


But it’s not always cheap! Those extra comfort amenities can take a hit on your wallet if you’re not careful. Luckily, we’re in the know when it comes to glamping on the cheap. Here’s how.


Weigh Your Glamping Options

Bay Point Landing offers several options for your glamping stay. Our RV sites are the most economical and have spacious sites for spreading out.


Next up is our stylish Airstreams, offering great amenities in a cozy space. With fully equipped kitchenettes, cozy beds, and more, these are perfect for solo campers or romantic couples.


Families and larger groups will appreciate our stunning, modern, yet affordable cabins. Designed with the ultimate comfort in mind, they are fully furnished with modern kitchen appliances, modern showers, and plush bedding.


Plan What You Need to Bring

What sort of vibe are you after? You may want to immerse yourself in the landscape you’ll be staying in. The picturesque environs of the southern Oregon coast beckon the feeling of romance, of solitude, and immense natural beauty. The sand is not far away, no matter what the day brings. Bring your own personal touch to your glamping experience by bringing items with you from home that will make your experience your own.


Perhaps it’s a favorite color or scent, or design trend. Are you a fan of rustic décor, or more ultra-modern sensibilities? Whatever you need to personalize your space, throwing a few extra design items from home into your bag does wonders for your glamping experience. Once you’re set on the look you’re going for, list out the items you’ll need – whether you already have them or need to do a bit of thrift shopping to get them.


Also, gather items to personalize your outdoor space. Picnic table décor such as flowers, placemats, candles, and floor mats will give your glamping space a homey feel. Think about the decorating possibilities. That gauzy fabric you were eyeing in the fabric store would be great to drape around the cabin door or over a piece of furniture.


Scavenge for Natural Decorations

Once you’ve arrived at your glamping site, look around the area to see if you can incorporate nature into your décor. Try to do this while also being respectful of the environment. Gather natural items such as fallen foliage, stones, and sticks. Bring some water-based paint and have a painting party with your travel companions. The nearby beaches have a wealth of items to work with to decorate the entrance to your cabin, airstream, or RV. Beach rocks, shells, and sand make great Mason jar arrangements.


Set the Mood with Your Favorite Music

Music soothes the soul – no doubt about it. Bring along your favorite playlist or download a musical playlist of your choosing to help personalize the space. It is perfect for setting the tone of your glamping experience. Perhaps some smooth jazz, rock, hip-hop, country, or soul? Music sets the stage for any mood, whether that be romantic, celebratory, relaxing, or invigorating. Light piano tunes give a spa-like ambiance. Just be sure not to crank your tunes too high or too late at night! You’ll likely have neighbors.


And when you want peace and quiet, you’ll always have the soothing sounds of nature. Be it the gentle lapping of nearby waters, breezes through the trees, or the chirping of nighttime insects and croaking frogs.

Blog 10.04.2022