Clamming on the Oregon Coast
Blog 01.03.2023

Winter Traveling at the Oregon Coast

Oregon in the winter is a magical time; especially on the coast. Just because the weather is cold does not mean you will not be warmed by the sheer beauty of the craggy coastline, beautiful scenery, and fantastic food waiting to be enjoyed. When you stay with us at Bay Point Landing in Coos Bay, here are just a few of the best things to do on the Oregon Coast.


Whale Watching in Depoe Bay

Starting in December and going through March, the mighty gray whale begins to make its migration along the Oregon coast. This is one of the top things to do in Depoe Bay, and pods are known to stick around much of the year feeding on the bounty of treats found along these waters. The Whale Watch Center is located in Depoe Bay and is an excellent way to learn more about these majestic and peaceful creatures. If you want to go further out in the water, consider booking a whale-watching tour through Whale’s Tale Charters.


Gorgeous Hiking Opportunities

A memorable hike through misty old-growth forests followed by a cozy evening with a warming drink can lift any spirit. Choose from a variety of different trails that wind through forests, mudflats, and salt marshes. The South Slough Reserve in nearby Charleston offers this and more.


Warm Your Bones with Some Chowder

While you explore the Oregon coast, it is hard not to enter a restaurant or cozy pub and not see some sort of chowder on the menu. Can you think of any meal more hearty, more satisfying, and that fills your soul like a good cup of chowder? Excellent clam chowder is the fan favorite, but there are many varieties; even for vegetarians and gluten-free foodies. The Coach House in Coos Bay and The Chowder Bowl in Newport are great places to start on your chowder journey. South of Coos Bay, Crazy Norwegian’s Fish & Chips is another strong chowder contender.


Storm Watching

Come late fall through winter, the drizzly rain of Oregon and strong storm surges are the stuff of legend as it greets the Oregon coastline. The powerful force of the Pacific waters is really something to see during winter. Watch the waves crash against rock cliffs – it’s a sight that you won’t soon get tired of. Devil’s Punchbowl is just a couple of hours up the coast from Coos Bay for a spectacular front-row show of nature’s anomaly.


Crabbing and Clamming

Winter is the perfect season to grab some crabbing and clamming gear and take to the water in search of delectable seafood. Red rock crab, Dungeness crab, and other tastiness from the sea can be caught all along the coastline, and does not take a lot of skill to master. The best places are around Coos Bay, Depoe Bay, and Lincoln City. Just be sure to get the proper licensing before you head out. This website is a great resource for crabbing.


Fewer Crowds

This is probably the best reason to travel to the Oregon Coast in winter. The popular seaside towns of Cannon Beach, Newport, Depoe Bay, and even Coos Bay can get overrun with vacationers during the warmer months. But few visitors realize the immense beauty and serene peacefulness of the winter. This is such a great time to come and truly relax. Enjoy these same quaint towns just as the locals do with less competition for getting a table at the best restaurants.



Blog 01.03.2023